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Best Male Sex Toy – FleshLight Hands Down

For along time I have been searching for the best male sex toy.  One that would masturbate my cock while feeling like my cock was balls deep in a warm, juicy pussy.  Searching for the best male sex toy was a pain in the ass, I bought everything from prostate massagers to love dolls not one was worth shit.  So when I came across a male masturbator called the FleshLight I was very skeptical.  I took a chance and bought one and have never been happier!  The FleshLight male masturbator truly makes your cock feel like its balls deep in a warm pussy.  Used with a little lube the FleshLight is the dream male sex toy!  I posted a video below showing the FleshLight in action!

[flv: 400 300]

As you can see the FleshLight fucking rules.  The FleshLight comes in three types a pussy, ass and mouth.  You can even create your own FleshLight with different textures on the inside!  The FleshLight male masturbator is truly the best male sex toy ever!

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