The Lucky Fucks From Money Talks Fuck Some Hot Models

money talks

The guys from Money Talks prance around Miami Beach with shit loads of cash looking for girls that will do anything for cash.  After driving around for hours they found out there was a fashion show down at the local hotel so what better place than to find some girls.  The guys walked around for a while before finding two gorgeous models that they thought would take the bait!  After talking for a little bit they invited them back for a little fun at their place.  They offered the girls fist fulls of money to strip and sure shit they took the offer.  So here we are, sitting in an apartment with two naked models, what do you think happens next?

It doesn’t take long for Ted, a lucky member of the Money Talks crew, to pull his dick out and stuff it down one of the models throats.  After a little foreplay the two models took turns fucking Ted’s hard dick as the rest of his buddies filmed and enjoyed the show.  I damn near blew my own load when Ted was fucking one of the models while she was eating the other’s wet pussy.  It made me so horny watching that models mouth slam into her friends pussy as Ted pounded her from behind!

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