World Escort Guide

Any idea, what porn stars engage in when they are not shooting movies or modeling for stills? Many of them are just part time flickers who work a regular job like secretary, but many are hired by escort agencies. Beauty and famous pussy work for them like crazy. They don’t get rich from sex movies, but they do earn adult fame. Guys are willing to pay a lot of money to meet porn stars. They are ready to travel to Prague or Amsterdam to find sex with a famous escort model as many links on this World Sexguide suggest: www.travelsexguide.tv.
European models are cheap compared to California porn stars. Scan portfolio pages of Budapest escort agencies and independents from Berlin for stars as most of them won’t want to make it popular they are working as escort. They are afraid their mom and dad are going to find out. Good luck with your star escort search. Also try a budget sex vacation in Asia. It’s much cheaper than bonking Western women.

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