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While doing some shit on the internet today but mostly looking at porn, I came a cross a girl I haven’t seen in a while, Rachel Aziani.  And god did she look as good as always!  Busty Rachel is almost always in heels spreading her pussy, or dressed up in her favorite costumes for men to drool over.  Rachel Aziani has big busty breasts, a great pussy and a super hard, tan, longlegged body that is to die for.  I highly recommend anybody who hasn’t experienced blowing a load to Busty Rachel to look at the strinking thumbs below!

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Corsets always make me feel so feminine/so  Busty Rachel was ready to hit the town! All dressed up in my sexy heels and red dress. One small problem...my dress was completely see thru. I would love to wear it out in public and see the reactions...that would be priceless. A special thanks to  Busty Rachel Aziani dressed all up like a Cowgirl, in short, sext short, a cowboy hat and boots... I have so many shoes (like most girls) but something about these particular heels that show off my french pedicure (to all you feet guys) and tie up my legs (for all you leg guys)..I got you covered! Busty Rachel Rachel Aziani - A special thanks to  Rachel Aziani - Nothing like a white corset with matching panties to make me feel so pure...so innocent! SO sexy! Of course I am not exactly innocent...I prefer to be naughty sometimes. *wink wink* Rachel Aziani - I found this awesome purple wig...and since purple is my favorite color, I had to buy it! Rachel Aziani - Nothing like taking a bubble bath outside!! This awesome resort in Phoenix that I shot in had a bathtub on the outside patio..nice! Rachel Aziani - The see thru white panties are back! Of course a new pair..every opportunity I get to buy new ones..I will! I know how much you love them! Yes I know I wear a lot of sexy clothes & lingerie..some that I can not even go out in public wearing. However, this outfit is not only sexy, but so classy. Didn't have it on long..but still! HA!Busty Rachel Aziani, I want to give a special thanks to  Busty Rachel Aziani loves public flashing and exhibitionism. Rachel Aziani gets naughty in public when she strips and sits barenaked on an arcade machine. We had a hard time keeping patrons out of the picture on this one. Nobody wears lingerie better than Busty Rachel Aziani. As always, Ms. Aziani stuns us wearing a barely legal black outfit in a set that is sure to melt screens everywhere! Wow, Rachel Aziani actually wears panties in this picture set. What she won't do for her panty lovers. The white silk goes well with her shiny white boots and bright patterned red dress and shades she is wearing. Is anyone more stylish than this girl?